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LCS Sales-Agency for Business-Meetings in Europe:

  • Organize Business Meetings in Austria, Germany
  • Business Owner Karl Loidhold does Your Contacts
  • Connecting to potential Business-Customers
  • Business-Development by Outbound Contacts
  • Build-up of contacts also in CEE, UK, Scandinavia
  • Research of European customers & distributors
  • Contact target customers & distributors
  • Organize presentation meetings for targeted customers
  • Sales-Support before and after fairs
  • Austria: Act as local sales manager & distribution-office
  • Experience with Software, Consulting, Technology, Food,..
  • Sales Office located in Vienna - the Sales-Hub of Europe
  • Sales Support for innovations since 2002

Partners: Austrian Business Agency & European Chambers of Trade

12 Spanish Firms at Embassy
in Vienna organized by LCS

++19.11. 2019: LCS is Presenting Innovative French Technology for Reducing Plastic & Improvement of Shelve Life of Fresh Produce to International Food-Chains++